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Staff Directory

All the ways to contact GSL personnel.

First Last Email Division Phone Room
David Tomalak WIDS 303-497-0000 TBD
David Wheeler ITS 720-712-8778 2B307A
Dominikus Heinzeller Collaborator 303-497-4790 2B136
Duane Rosenberg EPAD 720-727-7763 2B415
Dustin Swales EPAD 720-727-7783 1D132
Edward Szoke ASCEND 720-336-8495 2B128
Eric Hackathorn WIDS 720-767-0216 2C128
Eric James ASCEND 720-340-1167 2B604
Eric Schnepp ITS 720-340-8181 2B157
Forrest Hobbs ITS 720-778-0633 2B105
Gary Fisher ITS 970-670-0830 2B309
Geary Layne WIDS 720-466-1647 3C411
Georg Grell EPAD 720-466-3268 2B148
Gerard Ketefian EPAD 970-703-3048 2B151
Glen Pankow ITS 970-703-4853 2B406
Gopakumar Padmanabhan ASCEND 970-703-6061 2B409
Grant Firl EPAD 303-497-2872 REMOTE
Greg Pratt ITS 720-372-3548 2B111
Guoqing Ge ASCEND 720-808-1161 2B502
Haidao Lin ASCEND 720-468-0669 2B511
Haiqin Li EPAD 720-819-5072 2B115
Hilary Peddicord WIDS 970-599-1601 2C127
Ian McGinnis ASCEND 970-591-2231 2C101
Isidora Jankov EPAD 970-591-3607 2C122
James Ramer WIDS 307-298-9029 3C122
James Frimel ITS 307-298-9617 2B104
Jason English ASCEND 307-298-9801 2B145
Jaymes Kenyon ASCEND 616-799-7196 tbd
Jebb Stewart WIDS 307-215-3917 2C105
Jeff Beck EPAD 307-215-9416 2B135
Jeff VanBuskirk ITS 307-209-4867 2B154
Jeffrey Hamilton ASCEND 307-212-8127 2B604
Jeffrey Duda ASCEND 303-335-9477 2B502
Jennifer Raab N/A 307-364-0486 3B804
Jennifer Mahoney OD 303-578-6232 3B124
Jenny Fox ITS 720-583-3707 2B103
Joan Hart ASCEND 505-333-8338 3C113
Joaquin Felix ITS 505-333-8340 2B307A
John Gotway DTC 303-497-2861 REMOTE
John Henderson AVID N/A REMOTE
John Brown EPAD 505-333-9212 2B123
John Opatz Collaborator 303-497-8305 REMOTE
John Schneider OD 505-333-9502 3B803
Jordan Schnell EPAD 303-497-0000 TBD
Joseph Olson EPAD 505-439-8028 2B124
Judy Henderson EPAD 505-634-9904 2B508
Julie Prestopnik AVID 303-497-8399 REMOTE
Kate Fossell N/A 303-497-8967 REMOTE
Kate Zhang EPAD 303-497-3956 2B115
Kathryn Newman Collaborator 303-497-2741 REMOTE
Ka Yee Wong EPAD 307-240-9109 2B143
Ken Fenton WIDS 307-240-9624 3C111
Kirk Holub ITS 202-964-3967 2B146
Laura Melling ASCEND 307-463-1654 3C109
Ligia Bernardet EPAD 307-206-4292 2B129
Man Zhang EPAD 307-206-5962 2B143
Mariusz Pagowski EPAD 307-438-9459 2B144
Mark Govett N/A N/A 2B106
mats gsd N/A N/A N/A
Matt Wandishin ASCEND 505-278-0351 3C103
Matthew Mahalik OD 302-648-6016 tbd
Melissa Petty OD 505-278-9106 3B128
Melissa Utley OD 505-278-9207 2B101
Michael Iacono Collaborator N/A REMOTE
Michael Leon ITS 303-578-9368 2B524
Michael Moir ITS 505-609-8037 2B159
Michael Rabellino WIDS 505-609-8756 3C113
Michael Toy EPAD 505-609-8782 2B151
Michael Vrencur ITS 505-609-8853 2C302
Michelle Harrold Collaborator 303-497-8978 REMOTE
Mike Mascola ITS 307-228-0915 2b417
Ming Hu ASCEND 307-228-1081 2B122
Molly Smith ASCEND 307-228-1281 2B153
Mrinal Biswas Collaborator 303-497-2754 REMOTE
Nathan Hardin WIDS 307-228-4383 3C407
Ning Wang EPAD 307-228-4897 2B141
Patrick Hildreth ITS 307-363-2617 2B401
Penny Granville OD 970-528-9762 3B119
Peter Lannigan ITS 307-622-1980 2B159
Rainer Bleck EPAD 307-622-9102 2B115
Randy Barnett ITS 307-622-9755 2B158
Randy Pierce ASCEND 307-622-9780 2B153
Ravan Ahmadov EPAD 307-696-2529 2B113
Richard Ryan ITS 605-519-5326 2B408A
Richard Miska ITS 720-213-6698 2B404A
Rob Howlett WIDS 520-670-5156 N/A
Robert Lipschutz ITS 605-939-0736 2B103
Robert Oehmke Collaborator 303-497-1725 REMOTE
Ruifang Li ASCEND 505-398-3135 3C118
Samuel Trahan EPAD 505-652-2265 2B305
Scott Nahman ITS 505-718-1213 2B102
Sean Miller OD 505-718-1555 3B122
Shan Sun EPAD 307-217-6104 2B149
Shannon Johnston ITS 307-217-6205 2B156
Shawn Stephen Murdzek ASCEND 303-335-0776 TBD
Shilpi Gupta WIDS 307-217-6356 2C103
Sijie Pan ASCEND 405-652-9901 2B524
Simon Lile OD 307-217-6372 3B907
SSG Tablet ITS N/A N/A
Stan Benjamin ASCEND 307-497-6438 2B115
Stephen Weygandt ASCEND 307-217-6503 2B125
Suneng Zhuo WIDS 307-217-6541 3C106
Susan Cobb OD 303-497-5093 3B806
Tanja Braunagel OD 307-217-6591 2C124
Tanya Smirnova EPAD 307-217-6602 2B121
Tara Jensen Collaborator 303-497-8479 REMOTE
Taylor Trogdon WIDS N/A N/A
Terra Ladwig ASCEND 307-217-6607 2B138
TJ Hooker ITS 303-578-0731 2B404
Tony Liao WIDS 307-217-6660 2C126
Tracy Hertneky Collaborator 303-497-2635 REMOTE
Tracy Hansen WIDS 303-497-6569 3C301
Travis Wilson WIDS 509-244-0110 N/A
Trevor Alcott ASCEND 307-217-6679 2B305
ums gsd ITS 303-497-5349 2B102
William Moninger ASCEND 307-297-8857 2B506
Woody Roberts WIDS 303-497-6104 3C101
Xiangbao Jing WIDS 719-257-3881 3C117
Zach Tolby WIDS 775-673-8100 N/A
Zoltan Toth OD 719-501-3186 3C119
Andrew Qualkenbush N/A 301-332-8766 N/A
Ben Green EPAD 719-286-9262 2B501
Bernadette Pfau ITS 719-297-3743 2B159
Beth Russell WIDS 303-497-6759 2C125
Bo Huang EPAD 719-299-0677 2B525
Bonny Strong ASCEND 719-301-6195 2B147
Brian Jamison ASCEND 719-347-1060 2B506
Vada Dreisbach WIDS 719-425-9341 3C501
Chris Golden WIDS 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Chris Robertson ITS 719-497-9026 2B404A
Christina Kumler WIDS 720-310-5846 3B109
Christopher Harrop EPAD 720-649-0316 2B107
Chunhua Zhou ASCEND 719-357-6675 2B114
Craig Hartsough ASCEND 303-497-6602 2B128
Curtis Alexander OD 720-679-3425 2B126
Dan Nietfeld WIDS 303-497-4812 3C107
Dana Uden ASCEND 720-689-4979 3C112
Darrel Kingfield WIDS 720-712-2857 3C125
Dave Turner OD 720-712-8577 2B117
David Dowell ASCEND 720-712-8607 2B119
David Hagerty ITS 303-497-0000 REMOTE
ambverif GSD N/A N/A N/A
Michael Kavulich AVID 303-497-2734 N/A
Justin Wilkerson WIDS N/A N/A
Nicholas Gasperoni ASCEND 303-497-0000 TBD
Robert Weingruber WIDS 307-828-1102 3C106
Carl Ponder N/A 512-328-0102 TBD
Amanda Back ASCEND 720-288-0713 2B505
Daniel Rosen Collaborator 303-497-7734 REMOTE
Kevin Manross WIDS 307-463-1117 3C124
Mary Gutierrez ASCEND 307-438-9809 2B127
Paul Hamer WIDS 307-622-1391 3C102
Yujun Guo WIDS 719-301-4901 3C124
Karen Nielsen N/A 307-240-9020 3B908
Timothy Corrie AVID 303-497-0000 TBD
Wei Yu ITS 307-217-6876 2B416
Shawn Needham ITS 307-217-6249 2B403
Mark Taylor ITS 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Tatiana Burek Collaborator 303-497-1824 REMOTE
Janaina Nascimento EPAD 303-497-5457 2A306
Linlin Pan EPAD 307-206-4866 2B512
Evan Sheehan WIDS 720-523-3658 2C122
Alexander Kirst WIDS 720-263-2429 2C101
Ryan Lagerquist WIDS 303-497-6957 2B411A
Jesse Newhart OD 303-497-4886 3B909
Hongli Wang ASCEND 970-235-1647 2B511
Joshua Weber ITS 505-439-9568 2B408C
Minna Win-Gildenmeister AVID 303-497-8423 REMOTE
Emily Schlie WIDS N/A N/A
Daniel Abdi EPAD 720-712-0846 2B523
Liaofan Lin ASCEND 303-497-5332 2B505
Christina Holt EPAD 720-613-8431 2B114
sos Support ATD 303-497-0000 TBD
Xia Sun EPAD 719-470-2726 2B603
Craig Hoffman OD 303-497-6511 3B808
Johana Romero-Alvarez EPAD 303-497-0000 2B516A
Will Mayfield AVID 303-497-2773 REMOTE
George McCabe AVID 303-497-2768 REMOTE
Brianne Nelson AVID 303-497-8261 REMOTE
Peter Marinescu CIRA 970-491-8241 TBD
Julie DeMuth N/A 303-497-8112 REMOTE
Robert Prestley N/A 303-497-0000 REMOTE
mats gsl N/A 303-497-0000 TBD
autonems gsl N/A N/A N/A
Ryan Cabell ADB 303-497-2880 REMOTE
Vincent Sanders N/A 303-497-0000 REMOTE
William Breckenridge N/A 662-325-4024 REMOTE
Joey Jones N/A 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Jim Sesser N/A 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Charles Peeples N/A 303-497-0000 REMOTE
James Rogers N/A 662-325-3625 REMOTE
Dawn Reynolds N/A 662-325-4023 REMOTE
Cole Vaughn WIDS 303-497-0000 TBD
Kirana Bergstrom WIDS 303-497-0000 TBD
John Bradley N/A N/A REMOTE
Brian Rivera ITS 303-497-5586 2B309
Bruce Lundberg ITS 720-295-8618 N/A
John Rodgers ITS 303-351-2894 2B162
Mackenzie Arnold Collaborator 303-497-0000 TBD
Ethan Carr WIDS 443-510-8967 TBD
Rey Koki WIDS 303-497-0000 TBD
Sung-Chu Liao WIDS 303-578-2013 2c125
Nicholas Kedzuf ITS 303-578-2489 2B408B
Mitch Walls ITS 303-578-0563 2B403
Maryam Abdi-Oskouei N/A 303-497-0000 TBD
Jacob Radford WIDS 301-427-7720 2B411A
Christina Kalb Collaborator 303-497-2819 TBD
Ryan Harp EPAD 301-427-8303 TBD
Timothy Sliwinski EPAD 301-713-7207 TBD
Malachi Bussey OD 307-222-8962 N/A
Matthew Springsteen N/A 000-000-0000 TBD
Nathalie Costello WIDS 301-713-7202 3C104
Julia Simonson ASCEND 303-351-2853 2B516
Jen Gardner ITS 303-558-6672 TBD
Renn Valo ITS 508-495-2303 tbd
Dmitri Atrash WIDS 303-578-8071 TBD
Josh Blaney N/A 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Heidi Allen OD 301-713-7208 3B908
Shadya Sanders WIDS N/A tbd
Aaron Hill AVID 303-497-0000 TBD
Jun Park ASCEND 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Anders Jensen EPAD 720-378-6613 2B123
Andres Ramos ASCEND 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Eli Flicker EPAD 000-000-0000 tbd
Reagan Mendeke N/A 000-000-0000 tbd
Evelyn Bohlmann ASCEND 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Robby Frost EPAD 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Sarah Womantree EPAD 720-298-7033 tbd
jeffrey Lee EPAD 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Sean Youn EPAD 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Lindsey Anderson EPAD 000-000-0000 tbd
Paul Madden EPAD 303-960-4243 REMOTE
Emily Carpenter EPAD 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Vanderlei Vargas EPAD 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Paulina Garcia N/A 000-000-0000 tbd
Naureen Bharwani EPAD 630-797-8965 REMOTE
Kevin Capps WIDS 000-000-0000 tbd
Adrian Chase WIDS 720-213-8649 tbd
Mackenzie Grimes WIDS 720-213-8158 TBD
Stephen Beaber ITS 720-213-6613 2B153
Eunice Luster OD 720-649-0629 3B909
Lindsay Blank ASCEND 720-204-8241 2C123
Jamie Vickery WIDS 720-213-6550 tbd
Jason Shell OD 720-248-7684 3B901
Benjamin Hatchett WIDS 720-239-2364 tbd
Janet Derrico EPAD 720-445-5256 tbd
Lacey Pyle OD 000-000-0000 REMOTE
Natalie Babij ASCEND 720-466-5643 tbd
Kumar Saurabh ASCEND 720-381-2529 tbd