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Staff Directory

All the ways to contact GSL personnel.

First Last Email Division Affiliation Phone Room
David Tomalak EDSD Federal 303-497-0000 TBD
David Wheeler ITS ACEInfo 720-712-8778 2B307A
Deborah Brooks COB Federal 240-533-9498 N/A
Debria Hayes COB Federal 240-533-9521 N/A
Denis Riordan SAB Federal 240-678-2107 N/A
Dominikus Heinzeller EPAD CIRES 303-497-4790 2B136
Duane Rosenberg ATD CIRA 720-727-7763 2B415
Dustin Swales N/A Associate N/A 1D132
Ed Carlson SAB Federal 808-725-5255 2834
Edward Szoke AVID CIRA 720-336-8495 2B128
Eric Hackathorn ATD Federal 720-767-0216 2C128
Eric James AVID CIRES 720-340-1167 2B604
Eric Schnepp ITS CIRES 720-340-8181 2B157
Erika Little IMB Federal 804-223-2386 N/A
Fei Liu NESII Contractor N/A REMOTE
Forrest Hobbs ITS Federal 720-778-0633 2B105
Galen Scott N/A Federal 240-533-9563 N/A
Gary Fisher AVID ACEInfo 970-670-0830 2B309
Geary Layne EDS CIRES 720-466-1647 3C411
Georg Grell EPAD Federal 720-466-3268 2B148
Gerard Ketefian EPAD CIRES 970-703-3048 2B151
Glen Pankow ATD CIRA 970-703-4853 2B406
Gopakumar Padmanabhan ATD CIRES 970-703-6061 2B409
Grant Firl EPAD CIRA 303-497-2872 REMOTE
Greg Pratt ATD Federal 720-372-3548 2B111
Guoqing Ge AVID CIRES 720-808-1161 2B502
Haidao Lin AVID CIRA 720-468-0669 2B511
Haiqin Li EPAD CIRES 720-819-5072 2B115
Hilary Peddicord ATD CIRES 970-599-1601 2C127
Ian McGinnis ATD CIRA 970-591-2231 2C101
Isidora Jankov ATD Federal 970-591-3607 2C122
Jacob Heck SAB Federal 734-741-2260 8865
Jacques Middlecoff ATD CIRA 307-298-0283 2B112
James Ramer EDS CIRA 307-298-9029 3C122
James Frimel ATD CIRA 303-497-7249 2B516B
Jason English AVID CIRES 307-298-9801 2B145
Jebb Stewart ATD Federal 307-215-3917 2C105
Jeff Beck EPAD CIRA 307-215-9416 2B135
Jeff VanBuskirk ITS Federal 307-209-4867 2B154
Jeffrey Hamilton AVID CIRES 307-212-8127 2B604
Jeffrey Duda AVID CIRES 303-335-9477 2B502
Jennifer Raab OD CIRA 307-364-0486 3B804
Jennifer Mahoney OD Federal 575-224-2055 3B124
Jenny Fox ITS Federal 720-583-3707 2B103
Joan Hart EDS CIRES 505-333-8338 3C113
Joaquin Felix ITS ACEInfo 505-333-8340 2B307A
John Brown EPAD Associate 505-333-9212 2B123
John Schneider OD CIRA 505-333-9502 3B803
Jonathan Auerbach EDS CSG 505-386-0273 3C412
Jordan Schnell EPAD CIRES 303-497-0000 TBD
Joseph Olson EPAD Federal 505-439-8028 2B124
Joyce Turpin COB Federal 302-930-0063 N/A
Judy Henderson EPAD Federal 505-634-9904 2B508
Julian Inasi COB Federal 240-533-9519 N/A
Kate Zhang EPAD CIRES 303-497-3956 2B115
Kathy Pegion AVID Associate 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Ka Yee Wong EPAD CIRA 307-240-9109 2B143
Keith Searight ATD CIRA 307-240-9143 2C102
Ken Fenton EDS Federal 307-240-9624 3C111
Kendall Fancher IMB Federal 540-737-8109 N/A
Kirk Holub ITS Federal 202-964-3967 2B146
Laura Melling EDS CIRES 307-463-1654 3C109
Leigh Cheatwood-Harris ATD CIRA 307-840-9452 2B108
Leon Benjamin ATD CIRES 307-206-4204 2B109
Ligia Bernardet EPAD Federal 307-206-4292 2B129
Man Zhang EPAD CIRES 307-206-5962 2B143
Mariusz Pagowski EPAD CIRES 307-438-9459 2B144
Mark Govett N/A Associate N/A 2B106
Matt Wandishin EDS Federal 505-278-0351 3C103
Melissa Petty OD Federal 505-278-9106 3B128
Melissa Utley ITS Federal 505-278-9207 2B101
Michael Leon ATD CIRES 505-436-3478 2B524
Michael Moir ITS ACEInfo 505-609-8037 2B159
Michael Rabellino EDS CIRES 505-609-8756 3C113
Michael Shannon N/A Federal 240-533-9510 N/A
Michael Toy EPAD CIRES 505-609-8782 2B151
Michael Vrencur ATD CSG 505-609-8853 2C302
Mike Mascola ITS Federal 307-228-0915 2b417
Ming Hu AVID Federal 307-228-1081 2B122
Molly Smith AVID CIRES 307-228-1281 2B153
Nathan Hardin EDS Federal 307-228-4383 3C407
Nicole Kinsman SAB Federal 202-306-5736 517
Ning Wang EPAD CIRA 307-228-4897 2B141
Patrick Hildreth ITS CIRA 307-363-2617 2B401
Patty Taylor COB Federal 240-533-9501 N/A
Paula McCaslin EDS Federal 307-622-1513 3C121
Penny Granville OD Federal 970-528-9762 3B119
Peter Lannigan ITS ACEInfo 307-622-1980 2B159
Rainer Bleck EPAD CIRES 307-622-9102 2B115
Randy Barnett ITS ACEInfo 307-622-9755 2B158
Randy Pierce AVID CIRA 307-622-9780 2B153
Ravan Ahmadov EPAD CIRES 307-696-2529 2B113
Richard Ryan ITS CIRA 605-519-5326 2B408A
Richard Miska ITS ACEInfo 720-213-6698 2B404A
Rob Howlett EDS Federal 520-670-5156 N/A
Robert Lipschutz ITS CIRA 605-939-0736 2B103
Ruifang Li AVID CIRES 505-398-3135 3C118
Ryan OKuinghttons NESII Associate 303-497-3293 REMOTE
Samuel Trahan EPAD CIRES 505-652-2265 2B305
Scott Lokken SAB Federal 919-571-4047 A-112
Scott Nahman ITS Federal 505-718-1213 2B102
Sean Miller OD Federal 303-497-6818 3B122
Shan Sun EPAD Federal 307-217-6104 2B149
Shannon Johnston ITS Federal 307-217-6205 2B156
Shawn Stephen Murdzek AVID Contractor 303-335-0776 TBD
Shilpi Gupta ATD CIRES 307-217-6356 2C103
Simon Lile OD Federal 307-217-6372 3B907
Sonita Tiwari N/A Federal 240-533-9509 N/A
Sonja Bowen COB Federal 240-533-9516 N/A
Stan Benjamin OD Federal 303-497-0000 2B118
Stephen Weygandt AVID Federal 307-217-6503 2B125
Steve Breidenbach IMB Federal 540-737-8572 49
Suneng Zhuo EDS CIRES 307-217-6541 3C106
Susan Cobb OD CIRES 303-497-5093 3B806
Sylvia Murphy EDS CIRES 307-217-6581 3C515
Tanja Braunagel ATD Federal 307-217-6591 2C124
Tanya Smirnova EPAD CIRES 307-217-6602 2B121
Taylor Trogdon EDS CIRA N/A N/A
Terra Ladwig AVID Federal 307-217-6607 2B138
Theresa Davis N/A Federal 240-653-9104 N/A
TJ Hooker ITS ACEInfo 303-578-0731 2B404
Thomas Kent ATD CIRA 307-217-6655 2B411B
Tony Liao ATD CIRES 307-217-6660 2C126
Tracy Hansen EDS CIRES 303-497-6569 3C301
Travis Wilson EDS Federal 509-244-0110 N/A
Trevor Alcott AVID Federal 307-217-6679 2B305
William Moninger AVID CIRES 307-297-8857 2B506
Woody Roberts EDS Federal 303-497-6104 3C101
Xiangbao Jing EDS CIRES 719-257-3881 3C117
Zoltan Toth OD Federal 719-501-3186 3C119
Andrew Qualkenbush N/A Contractor 301-332-8766 N/A
Becky Carlson OD FedWriters 719-286-0702 3B808
Ben Green EPAD CIRES 719-286-9262 2B501
Benjamin Erickson IMB Federal 804-223-0587 N/A
Bernadette Pfau N/A Contractor 719-297-3743 2B159
Elizabeth Bauer EDS FedWriters 719-297-1078 3C104
Beth Russell ATD CIRES 303-497-6759 2C125
Bo Huang EPAD CIRES 719-299-0677 2B525
Bonny Strong AVID CIRA 719-301-6195 2B147
Brett Howe N/A Federal 240-533-9507 N/A
Brian Jamison AVID CIRA 719-347-1060 2B506
Brian Shaw SAB Federal 240-533-9522 N/A
Brian Ward SAB Federal 501-594-3797 N/A
Bryan Flynt ATD CIRA 719-387-9682 2B414
Vada Dreisbach EDS CIRES 719-425-9341 3C501
Charles Geoghegan IMB Federal 804-223-0816 N/A
Chris Golden EDS CIRES 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Chris Robertson ITS ACEInfo 719-497-9026 2B404A
Christina Kumler ATD CIRES 720-310-5846 3B109
Christine Gallagher COB Federal 240-533-9544 N/A
Christopher Harrop ATD CIRES 720-649-0316 2B107
Chunhua Zhou AVID CIRES 719-357-6675 2B114
Craig Hartsough AVID CIRES 303-497-6602 2B128
Curtis Alexander AVID Federal 720-679-3425 2B126
Dale Perry OD Federal 720-679-3809 3B802
Dan Martin SAB Federal 240-676-4762 Drawer 33
Dan Nietfeld EDS Federal 303-497-4812 3C107
Dana Caccamise SAB Federal 858-822-0552 N/A
DaNa Carlis OD Federal 303-429-5144 3B121
Dana Uden EDS CIRA 720-689-4979 3C112
Daniel Prouty SAB Federal 361-825-2076 N/A
Darrel Kingfield EDS Federal 720-712-2857 3C125
Dave Turner AVID Federal 720-712-8577 2B117
Dave Zenk SAB Federal 612-467-9798 MS 641
David Dowell AVID Federal 720-712-8607 2B119
David Hagerty ITS ACEInfo 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Nicholas Gasperoni N/A Associate 303-497-0000 TBD
Rosemary Booth COB Federal 240-533-9518 N/A
Venita Hagerty AVID CIRA 307-217-6697 REMOTE
Robert Weingruber EDS CIRES 307-828-1102 3C106
Jeff Jalbrzikowski SAB Federal 240-988-5486 275
Amanda Back AVID CIRA 720-288-0713 2B505
Daniel Rosen EPAD Associate 303-497-7734 REMOTE
Hannah Barnes EPAD CIRES 720-819-5083 2B116
Kevin Manross EDS CIRA 307-463-1117 3C124
Mary Gutierrez AVID FedWriters 307-438-9809 2B127
Paul Hamer EDS CIRA 307-622-1391 3C102
Yujun Guo EDS CIRA 719-301-4901 3C124
Karen Nielsen N/A Contractor 307-240-9020 3B908
Timothy Corrie AVID Associate 303-497-0000 TBD
Wei Yu ITS CIRES 307-217-6876 2B416
Dan Determan SAB Federal 425-477-9682 N/A
Shawn Needham ITS GDIT 307-217-6249 2B403
Mark Taylor ITS Contractor 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Janaina Nascimento N/A Associate 303-497-5457 2A306
Siwei He EPAD CIRES 307-217-6376 2B512
Linlin Pan EPAD CIRES 307-206-4866 2B512
Evan Sheehan ATD CIRA 720-523-3658 2C122
Alexander Kirst ATD CIRES 720-263-2429 2C101
Paul Mykolajtchuk N/A Contractor 303-497-0000 TBD
David Melecio-Vazquez EPAD Contractor N/A 2B515
Ryan Lagerquist ATD CIRA 303-497-6957 2B411A
Jesse Newhart OD Federal 303-497-4886 3B909
Hongli Wang AVID CIRES 970-235-1647 2B511
Joshua Weber ITS CIRA 505-439-9568 2B161
Anton Kliewer AVID CIRA 970-286-2560 102
Emily Schlie EDS CIRA N/A N/A
Daniel Abdi ATD CIRES 720-712-0846 2B523
Alrick Green N/A Associate 305-361-4357 N/A
Liaofan Lin AVID CIRA 303-497-5332 2B505
Christina Holt AVID CIRES 720-613-8431 2B114
Lina Dutky N/A Federal 302-648-2784 N/A
Xia Sun EPAD CIRES 719-470-2726 2B603
Craig Hoffman OD CIRES 303-497-6511 3B808
Johana Romero-Alvarez EPAD CIRES 303-497-0000 2B516A
Stephen Pon EDS Contractor 303-497-0000 3C301
John Haynes ATO Associate N/A REMOTE
Peter Marinescu CIRA Associate 970-491-8241 TBD
Grant Haynes IMB Federal 240-257-2307 N/A
Julie DeMuth N/A NCAR 303-497-8112 REMOTE
Rob Gonzalez-Pita ATD CIRES 303-497-0000 2B411A
Ryan Cabell ADB Contractor 303-497-2880 REMOTE
Vincent Sanders N/A Contractor 303-497-0000 REMOTE
William Breckenridge N/A Contractor 662-325-4024 REMOTE
Joey Jones N/A Contractor 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Jim Sesser N/A Contractor 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Charles Peeples N/A Contractor 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Jacob Frulla N/A Contractor 303-497-0000 REMOTE
James Rogers N/A Contractor 662-325-3625 REMOTE
Dawn Reynolds N/A Contractor 662-325-4023 REMOTE
Kelly Ryan ITS Contractor 720-612-3113 2B154
Morgan Kremer OD Federal 000-000-0000 3B901
Jacob Lindblom AVID Contractor 303-497-0000 TBD
Cole Vaughn EDS Federal 303-497-0000 TBD
Harrison Rademacher EDS Pathways 303-497-0000 TBD
Lynda Bell SAB Federal 301-676-7253 N/A
Karen Holcomb EPAD Contractor 303-497-0000 TBD
Kirana Bergstrom ATD Contractor 303-497-0000 TBD
Samantha Lesmerises AVID Contractor 303-497-0000 N/A
Brian Rivera ITS Contractor 303-497-5586 2B307B
Andrew Perry OD Contractor N/A TBD
Bruce Lundberg ITS GDIT 720-295-8618 N/A
John Rodgers ITS Federal 303-351-2894 2B162
Kerry Yannacito OD Federal 000-000-0000 3B909
Laura Thapa EPAD Contractor 303-497-0000 TBD
Savannah Wujastyk AVID Associate 303-497-0000 TBD
Cristian Gonzalez-Hernandez EPAD Associate 303-497-0000 TBD
Jessica Saltijeral EPAD Associate 303-497-0000 TBD
Mackenzie Arnold EPAD Associate 303-497-0000 TBD
Rey Koki ATD Associate 303-497-0000 TBD
Sung-Chu Liao ATD CIRES 303-578-2013 2c125
Nicholas Kedzuf ITS CIRA 303-578-2489 2B408B
Mitch Walls ITS Contractor 303-578-0563 2B403
Ron Rzepkowski ITS Contractor 720-248-8122 tbd
Maryam Abdi-Oskouei N/A Associate 303-497-0000 TBD
Jerome Barre AVID Associate 000-000-0000 tbd
Jacob Radford ATD Contractor 301-427-7720 2B411A
Christina Kalb EPAD Contractor 303-497-0000 TBD
Ryan Harp EPAD Contractor 303-497-0000 TBD
Timothy Sliwinski ATD CIRA 301-427-8720 TBD
Malachi Bussey OD Contractor 307-222-8962 N/A
Matthew Springsteen N/A Contractor 000-000-0000 TBD
Brady Wagstaff N/A Contractor 000-000-0000 TBD
Josh Blaney N/A Contractor 000-000-0000 TBD
Tessa Rodgers N/A Contractor 000-000-0000 TBD
Suresh Muknahallipatna N/A Contractor 303-497-0000 TBD