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Staff Directory

All the ways to contact GSL personnel.

First Last Email Type Department Affiliation Phone Room
David Wheeler Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-7258 2B307A
Dominikus Heinzeller Contractor MDB CIRES 303-497-4790 2B136
Duane Rosenberg Associate ATB CIRA 303-497-4296 2B415
Edward Hartnett Contractor ATB GSD 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Edward Szoke Associate ADB CIRA 303-497-7395 2B128
Eric Hackathorn Federal ATB N/A 303-497-6831 2C128
Eric James Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-4278 2B604
Eric Schnepp Contractor ITS CSC 303-497-6486 2B157
Evan Kalina Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-5399 3B128
Fei Liu Contractor NESII N/A N/A N/A
Forrest Hobbs Federal ITS N/A 303-497-3821 2B105
Gary Fisher Contractor ADB ACEInfo 303-497-6754 2B309
Geary Layne Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-4274 3C112
Georg Grell Federal MDB N/A 303-497-6924 2B148
Gerard Ketefian Contractor MDB CIRES 303-497-6209 2B142
Glen Pankow Associate ATB CIRA 303-497-7028 2B406
Glen Romine Associate ADB Collaborator 303-497-8997 REMOTE
Gopakumar Padmanabhan Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-7697 2B409
Grant Firl Associate DTC GUEST 303-497-5402 2B515
Greg Pratt Federal ATB N/A 303-497-7237 2B111
Guoqing Ge Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-4163 2B502
Haidao Lin Associate ADB CIRA 303-497-3381 2B511
Haiqin Li Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-3215 2B115
Hilary Peddicord Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-7993 2C127
Huming Han Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-6862 2B307A
Ian McGinnis Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-7827 2C101
Isidora Jankov Contractor ATB CIRA 303-497-4919 2C122
Jacob Heck Federal N/A N/A 240-533-9686 8865
Jacques Middlecoff Associate ATB CIRA 303-497-6034 2B112
James Ramer Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-6341 3C122
James Frimel Associate ADB CIRA 303-497-7249 2B516B
Jamie Wolff Associate DTC NCAR 303-497-2812 REMOTE
Jason English Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-3239 2B145
Jaymes Kenyon Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-6134 2B116
Jebb Stewart Federal ATB N/A 303-497-6724 2C105
Jeff Beck Associate MDB CIRA 303-497-3278 2B135
Jeff VanBuskirk Federal ITS N/A 303-497-4618 2B154
Jeffrey Hamilton Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-7312 2B604
Jeffrey Duda Contractor ADB CIRES 303-497-6432 2B502
Jennifer Raab Associate OD CIRA 303-497-6059 3B804
Jennifer Mahoney Federal OD N/A 303-497-4122 3B124
Joan Hart Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-6882 3C113
Joaquin Felix Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-5267 2B307A
John Gotway Associate DTC N/A 303-497-2861 REMOTE
John Henderson Associate DTC N/A 781-761-2240 REMOTE
John Brown Federal mdb N/A 303-497-6867 2B123
John Schneider Associate OD CIRA 303-497-7254 3B803
Jonathan Auerbach Contractor EDS CSG 303-497-3760 3C412
Jonathan Joyce Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-3566 2C309
Jordan Schnell Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-0000 TBD
Joseph Olson Federal MDB CIRES 303-497-7270 2B124
Judy Henderson Federal MDB N/A 303-497-6940 2B508
Julie Prestopnik Associate DTC RDHPCS 303-497-8399 N/A
Julie Schramm Associate DTC N/A 303-497-1383 REMOTE
Kate Fossell Contractor N/A N/A N/A N/A
Kate Zhang Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-3956 2B115
Kathryn Newman Associate DTC NCAR 303-497-2741 REMOTE
Kathy Pegion Associate N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ka Yee Wong Associate MDB CIRA 303-497-5035 2B143
Keith Searight Associate ATB CIRA 303-497-6067 2C102
Ken Fenton Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-4039 3C111
Kevin Goertz Contractor EDS CNT 303-497-4998 3C401
Kirk Holub Federal ITS N/A 303-497-6642 2B146
Laura Melling Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-5806 3C109
Laurie Carson Associate N/A N/A 303-497-8408 N/A
Leigh Cheatwood-Harris Associate ATB CIRA 303-497-7780 2B108
Leon Benjamin Contractor ATB CIRES 303-497-6031 2B109
Leslie Ewy Associate ITS CIRA 303-497-6018 2B408B
Ligia Bernardet Federal MDB CIRES 303-497-4315 2B129
Lynd Stringer Associate ATB N/A 480-993-4571 REMOTE
Man Zhang Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-4867 2B143
Mariusz Pagowski Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-6443 2B144
Mark Govett Federal ATB N/A 303-497-6278 2B106
Matt Wandishin Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-4341 3C103
Melinda Marquis Federal ADB N/A 303-497-4487 2B137
Melissa Petty Federal OD N/A 303-497-4850 3B121
Melissa Christianson Federal ITS N/A 303-497-6109 2B101
Michael Fiorino Contractor ADB CIRES 303-497-6379 2B145
Michael Iacono Associate DTC GUEST 781-761-2208 REMOTE
Michael Kraus Federal EDS N/A 303-497-5200 3C105
Michael Leon Associate ATB CIRA 303-497-6247 2B524
Michael Moir Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-4108 2B159
Michael Rabellino Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-4323 3C113
Michael Toy Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-4061 2B142
Michael Vrencur Contractor ATB CSG 303-497-7526 2C302
Michelle Harrold Contractor FAB NCAR 000-000-0000 REMOTE
Ming Hu Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-3087 2B122
Molly Smith Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-5730 2B153
Mrinal Biswas Associate DTC NCAR 303-497-4941 2B516A
Nathan Dauchy Contractor ITS CSRA 303-497-4675 2B402
Nathan Hardin Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-7252 3C407
Nikki Ivie Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-918-4464 REMOTE
Ning Wang Associate MDB CIRA 303-497-6704 2B141
Patrick Hildreth Associate ITS CIRA 303-497-7359 2B401
Paul Schultz Contractor EDS CIRES 303-497-6997 3C304
Paula McCaslin Federal EDS N/A 303-497-3187 3C121
Penny Granville Federal OD N/A 303-497-6108 3B119
Peter Lannigan Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-4639 2B159
Phyllis Gunn Associate OD CIRES 303-497-6625 3B807
Raffaele Montuoro Associate CIRES N/A 000-000-0000 REMOTE
Rainer Bleck Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-7394 2B115
Randy Barnett Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-7328 2B158
Randy Pierce Associate ADB CIRA 303-497-4644 2B153
Ravan Ahmadov Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-4314 2B113
Richard Ryan Associate ITS CIRA 303-497-6991 2B408A
Richard Miska Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-7983 2B404A
Robert Lipschutz Associate ITS CIRA 303-497-6636 2B103
Robert Oehmke Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-7231 GB-132
Ruifang Li Contractor OD CIRES 303-497-4793 3C118
Ryan OKuinghttons Associate NESII N/A 303-497-3293 GB132
Ryan Sobash Associate ADB Collaborator 303-497-8168 REMOTE
Samuel Trahan Associate ADB N/A 303-497-6022 2B305
Scott Nahman Federal ITS N/A 303-497-5349 2B102
Sean Miller Federal OD N/A 303-497-6818 3B122
Shan Sun Federal MDB N/A 303-497-6590 2B149
Shannon Johnston Federal ITS N/A 303-497-7953 2B156
Shaowu Bao Associate DTC REMOTE 843-349-6633 REMOTE
Shilpi Gupta Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-4187 2C103
Simon Lile Federal OD N/A 303-497-5320 3B907
Stan Benjamin Federal OD N/A 303-497-6387 2B118
Stephen Weygandt Federal ADB N/A 303-497-5529 2B125
Steven Silk Contractor ITS CSRA 303-497-3112 2B403
Suneng Zhuo Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-6687 3C106
Susan Cobb Associate OD CIRES 303-497-5093 3B806
Sylvia Murphy Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-7753 3C515
Tanja Braunagel Federal ATB N/A 303-497-6709 2C124
Tanya Peevey Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-5847 3C111
Tanya Smirnova Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-6253 2B121
Tara Jensen Associate DTC NCAR 303-497-8479 2B604
Therese Ladwig Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-6725 2B138
Thomas LeFebvre Federal EDS N/A 303-497-6582 3C108
Timofey Ovcharenko Contractor ITS CSRA 303-497-5772 2B402
TJ Hooker Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-4908 2B404
Thomas Kent Associate ATB CIRA 303-497-7004 2B411B
Tony Liao Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-3549 2C126
Tracy Hertneky Associate DTC GUEST 303-497-2635 N/A
Tracy Hansen Contractor EDS N/A 303-497-6569 3C301
Trevor Alcott Federal MDB N/A 303-497-6291 2B305
Vivian LeFebvre Federal ATB N/A 303-497-6721 2C104
William Moninger Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-6435 2B506
Woody Roberts Federal EDS N/A 303-497-6104 3C101
Xiangbao Jing Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-6112 3C117
Yonggang Yu Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-4597 2B522
Zoltan Toth Federal OD N/A 303-497-5042 3C119
Adam Mabrouk Federal ITS N/A 303-497-6364 2B162
Angie Scheck Federal OD FED 303-497-5366 3B901
Anthony Craig Associate NESII N/A 206-524-3134 REMOTE
Becky Carlson Contractor OD CNT 303-497-6157 3B808
Ben Green Associate MDB CIRES 303-497-5132 2B501
Ben Koziol Contractor MDB CIRES 303-497-6576 GB132
Bernadette Pfau Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-4706 2B159
Elizabeth Bauer Contractor EDS FedWriters 303-497-6122 3C104
Beth Russell Contractor ATB CIRES 303-497-6759 2C125
Bo Huang Associate MDB N/A 303-497-0000 2B525
Bonny Strong Associate ADB CIRA 303-497-3936 2B147
Brian Jamison Associate ADB CIRA 303-497-6079 2B506
Bryan Flynt Associate ATB CIRA 303-497-3875 2B414
Vada Dreisbach Associate EDS ISYS 303-497-7251 3C501
Cherie Adams Federal OD N/A 303-497-4399 3B801B
Chris Golden Contractor EDS CIRES 413-585-5790 Remote
Chris Robertson Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-6250 2B404A
Christina Kumler Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-4605 3B109
Christopher Harrop Associate ATB CIRES 303-497-6808 2B107
Chunhua Zhou Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-5317 2B114
Craig Hartsough Associate ADB CIRES 303-497-6602 2B128
Curtis Alexander Federal ADB N/A 303-497-4725 2B126
Dale Perry Federal OD FED 303-497-6050 3B802
Dan Fairchild Contractor OD CSG 303-497-7128 3B805
Dan Nietfeld Federal EDS N/A 303-497-4812 3C107
Dana Mueller Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-5930 3C112
Darrel Kingfield Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-6327 3C125
Dave Turner Federal ADB N/A 303-497-6097 2B117
David Dowell Federal ADB N/A 303-497-6872 2B119
David Hagerty Contractor ITS ACEInfo 303-497-7044 2B155
Michael Kavulich Associate DTC N/A 303-497-2734 REMOTE
Lindsay Blank Associate DTC N/A 303-497-2772 REMOTE
Venita Hagerty Contractor ADB CIRA 303-497-6098 2B152
Robert Weingruber Associate EDS CIRES 303-497-6431 3C106
Amanda Back Contractor ADB CIRA 303-497-5744 2B506
Daniel Rosen Associate MDB N/A 303-497-7734 GB132
Evan Polster Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-6778 3C304
Hannah Barnes Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-3153 2B116
Kevin Manross Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-6063 3C124
Mary Gutierrez Contractor ADB N/A 303-497-5402 2B127
Paul Hamer Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-6342 3C102
Yujun Guo Associate EDS CIRA 303-497-6688 3C124
Karen Nielsen Contractor OD N/A 303-497-4442 3B908
Wei Yu Contractor ITS CIRES 303-497-5579 2B416
Shawn Needham Contractor ITS N/A 303-497-3848 2B403
Mark Taylor Contractor N/A N/A 303-497-0000 REMOTE
Tatiana Burek Associate DTC N/A 303-497-1824 REMOTE
Siwei He Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-4941 2B512
Linlin Pan Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-5929 2B512
Evan Sheehan Contractor ATB CIRA 303-497-5447 2C122
Alexander Kirst Contractor ATB CIRES 303-497-4254 2C101
David Melecio-Vazquez Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-0000 2B515
Jesse Newhart Federal OD N/A 303-497-4886 3B309
Jennifer Henderson Associate EDS N/A 303-497-3344 TBD
Hongli Wang Associate ADB N/A 303-497-6057 2B511
Joshua Weber Associate ITS CIRA 303-497-5531 2B161
Xue Wei Associate EDS N/A 303-497-5135 3C109
Minna Win-Gildenmeister Associate DTC N/A 303-497-8423 REMOTE
Anton Kliewer Associate CIRA N/A 970-286-2560 102
Daniel Abdi Contractor ATB N/A 303-497-6028 2B523
Stephen Solimine Contractor AMB N/A 303-497-0000 2B515
Jorge Guerra Contractor EDS N/A 303-497-0000 3C304
Liaofan Lin Associate ADB N/A 303-497-5332 2B505
Christina Holt Contractor ADB CIRES 303-497-5316 2B114
Xia Sun Associate MDB N/A 303-497-0000 2B603
Craig Hoffman Contractor OD N/A 303-497-6511 3B808
Johana Romero-Alvarez Associate MDB N/A 303-497-0000 2B516A
Todd Arbetter Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-0000 TBD
Will Mayfield Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-0000 TBD
George McCabe Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-2768 TBD
Brianne Nelson Contractor MDB N/A 303-497-0000 TBD