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Research Divisions

Global Systems Laboratory

Research Divisions

GSL's four research divisions work collaboratively with each other and partners to deliver world-class scientific research and solutions.

Assimilation and Verification Innovation Division (AVID)

The Assimilation and Verification Innovation Division (AVID) develops and improves analyses and forecasts for higher resolution models and applications through innovative data assimilation techniques and evaluations while also advancing software development for these computationally demanding model systems.

Featured Projects

Weather Informatics and Decision Support Division (WIDS)

Couples new technology with cutting-edge atmospheric, environmental, and social science to empower forecasters and decision-makers.

Notable Decision Support Tools

Earth Prediction Advancement Divisions (EPAD)

Develops and applies numerical weather prediction models, scaling from local to global and hourly to seasonal.

Notable Models

Information & Technology Services Division (ITS)

Manages and advances the technology infrastructure, networks, and support framework for all GSL staff.

Highlighted Work

Supporting all of those divisions in their research is the Office of the Director (OD).

Office of the Director (OD)

Oversees the prioritization and organization of GSL's mission and strategic execution of research.

Strategic Initiatives

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