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Shannon Johnston

GSL Staff Profiles
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305-3328

Professional Profile

Shannon Johnston - Information Systems Security Officer

I am a fan of hockey, outdoors, and everything IT Security! I cut my teeth in the financial industry for 10 years before coming to NOAA. I have extensive experience in the security world including policy, audit, compliance, technical architecture, and red-team exercises. I try my best to bring a practical human element to a very technical field that helps the organization and its people as a whole.

Education and Training
  • Degree in Film and Production from Red Rocks Community College
  • SANS GIAC Certifications in General Security, Penetration Testing, and Network
  • Forensics

  • 10+ years in the Financial Services industry working with FFIEC, NCUA, ISO27001, and PCI compliance.
  • 10+ years in the Federal Government – Assessment and Authorization activities
  • NIST and DOD guided requirements (800-53, StiG, etc.)

  • NOAA HSPD-12 Implementation Working Group
  • NOAA Tenable Implementation Working Group
  • NOAA Cloud Security Working Group
  • NOAA Non-Windows CAC Implementation Working Group
  • OAR Cloud Governance Working Group