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Developmental Testbed Center

Global Systems Laboratory

Developmental Testbed Center

The Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) is a distributed facility where the NWP community can test and evaluate new models and techniques for use in research and operations.

The DTC serves as a bridge between research and operations to facilitate the activities of both halves of the NWP Community in pursuit of their own objectives:
  • Research community gets a functionally similar operational environment to test and evaluate new NWP methods in retrospective extended period tests using advanced tools
  • Operational community benefits from DTC testing and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of new NWP advances prior to consideration for operational implementation
DTC's Goals Are To:
  • Link Research and Operational Communities
  • Speed transition of research results into operations
  • Accelerate improvement in weather forecasts
  • Develop and test promising new NWP techniques
  • Provide an opportunity for NWP community to perform cycled or real-time tests of model and data assimilation systems

Our Values
GSL encourages creativity and new ideas
GSL collabrates with its many partners
Public Service
Response to the public and society for the greater good
GSL quickly applies research insights