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GSL Staff Profiles

Ben Green

Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, I became interested in meteorology at a very young age. I pursued this interest after high school, obtaining three degrees (B.S....

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Bonny Strong

I progressed from software engineering into Project and Program Management as I began to see how I could be more effective to ensure the success of software projects in t...

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Christina Holt

Bio Christina has spent her career developing and supporting the development of a variety of numerical weather prediction systems. In graduate school, she focused on applyi...

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Craig Hoffman

Craig is currently GSL's webmaster. He has worked as an IT Director, senior software engineer, full-stack developer, a mountaineering guide, a professional photographer, an...

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Curtis Alexander

Dr. Curtis Alexander (NOAA/OAR/GSL) received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from The Pennsylvania State University (1999) and the University of Oklahoma (2002, 20...

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Daniel Nietfeld

Roles • Liaison to the National Weather Service • Deputy Division Chief of EDS • Branch Chief of EDS/WISE Education • BS Meteorology

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DaNa Carlis

DaNa L. Carlis, Ph.D. is a meteorologist and serves as the Deputy Director at GSL since September 2020. He comes to GSL from the Weather Program Office (WPO) where he est...

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Dana Uden

I started out in renewable energy, specifically solar energy resource modeling for a large clean  energy developer. I transitioned to verification of meteorological product...

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Darrel Kingfield

Darrel Kingfield, Ph.D. has been with NOAA since 2007 where he has worked at the  intersection of National Weather Service (NWS) watch/warning evolution, hazardous weathe...

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