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Duane Rosenberg
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305-3328


Duane Rosenberg - CIRA Research Associate

Research Interests: 
  • Fluid turbulence
  • Geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Phenomenology
  • CFD
  • Algorithm development
  • HPC

  • Ph.D., Physics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, astrophysical phenomenology
  • M.S., Physics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, nuclear physics & modeling
  • B.S., Physics & Math, James Madison University

  • Dec. 2016-present: Research Associate, Colorado State Univ./CIRA
  • Sep. 2015-Dec. 2016: Scientist, SciTec, Inc.
  • Dec. 2012-Sep. 2015: R&D Staff Computational Scientist, Oak Ridge National Lab 
  • June 2000-Oct. 2012: Senior Software Eng., National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) 
  • Acting Lead of Turbulence Numerics Team (TNT; June 2005-July 2009)
  • Oct. 1997-June 2000:  System Engineer, AI Solutions, Inc.

Linked-In profile:

  • NCAR Laboratory recognition awards, 2006, 2010 
  • Teragrid 2010 Conference Best Paper, Technology Track, August 2010
  • Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Runner Up, 1991 
  • Member, Physics Honor Society (Sigma Pi Sigma), 1983; Member Mathematics Honor Society (Pi Mu Epsilon), 1984 

Selected Publications:
Intermittency scaling for mixing and dissipation in rotating stratified turbulence at the edge of instability'', A. Pouquet, D. Rosenberg, R. Marino, P. Mininni ,Atmosphere 14(9), 1375 (2023)

Geofluid Object Workbench (GeoFLOW) for atmospheric dynamics in the approach to exascale: Spectral element formulation and CPU performance'', D. Rosenberg, B. Flynt, M. Govett, I. Jankov, Monthly Weather Review 151 2521-2540 (2023)

Correlation between Buoyancy Flux, Dissipation and Potential Vorticity in Rotating Stratified Turbulence, D. Rosenberg, A. Pouquet, R. Marino Atmosphere, 12(2): 157 (2021)
GPU parallelization of a hybrid pseudospectral fluid turbulence framework using CUDA, D. Rosenberg, P.D. Mininni, R. Reddy, A. Pouquet,  Atmosphere, 11(2):178 (2020).
Linking dissipation, anisotropy, and intermittency in rotating stratified turbulence at the threshold of linear shear instabilities, Annick Pouquet, D Rosenberg, Raffaele Marino Physics of Fluids, 31(10): 105116 (2019).
Scaling laws for mixing and dissipation in unforced rotating stratified turbulence, A. Pouquet, D. Rosenberg, R. Marino and C. Herbert, J. Fluid Mech.,  844, 519-545 (2018).
Variations of characteristic time-scales in rotating stratified turbulence using a large parametric numerical study,  D. Rosenberg, R. Marino, C. Herbert, A. Pouquet
Eur. Phys. Journal E, 39:8 (2016).
Evidence for Bolgiano-Obukhov scaling in rotating stratified turbulence using
high-resolution direct numerical simulations, D. Rosenberg, A. Pouquet,  R. Marino, and P.D. Mininni, Phys. of Fluids 27:055105 (2015).
Helicity dynamics in stratified turbulence in the absence of forcing, C. Rorai, D. Rosenberg, A. Pouquet, P. Mininni Phys. Rev. E, 87:063007 (2013).
Ideal evolution of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence when imposing Taylor-Green symmetries' M. E. Brachet, M. D. Bustamante, G. Krstulovic, P. D. Mininni, A. Pouquet, and D. Rosenberg Phys. Rev. E 87:013110 (2013)
Simulated X-ray spectra from ionized wind-blown nebulae around massive stars, V.V. Dwarkadas and D.L.Rosenberg, High Energy Density Physics, 9:226 (2013).
Isotropization at small scales of rotating helically driven turbulence P.D. Mininni, D.L. Rosenberg, A. Pouquet, J. Fluid Mech., 669:263 (2012).
A hybrid MPI-OpenMP scheme for scalable parallel pseudospectral computations for
fluid turbulence, P.D. Mininni, D.L. Rosenberg, R. Reddy, A. Pouquet, J. Parallel Comp., 37:316 (2011).
Optimized Schwarz preconditioning for SEM based magnetohydrodynamics',
Amik St-Cyr, Duane Rosenberg, Sang Dong Kim, in Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering, M. Bercovier, M. Gander, R. Kornhuber, and O. Widlund, eds, 209-216 Springer (2009).
Dynamically adaptive spectral--element simulations of 2D incompressible Navier--Stokes vortex decays,  A. Fournier, D. Rosenberg, and A. Pouquet,
Geophys. & Astrophys. Fl. Dyn., 103(2):245--268 (2009).
A comparison of spectral element and finite difference methods using statically refined nonconforming grids for the MHD island coalescence instability problem,
C. S. Ng, D. Rosenberg, K. Germaschewski, A. Pouquet, and A. Bhattacharjee,
Astrophys. J. Suppl., 177(2):613--625 (2008).
Adaptive mesh refinement with spectral accuracy for magnetohydrodynamics in two space dimensions, D. Rosenberg, A.\ Pouquet, \& P. D.\ Mininni. New J. Phys,  9:304 (2007).
Geophysical-astrophysical spectral-element adaptive refinement (GASpAR):
Object-oriented h-adaptive fluid dynamics simulation, D. Rosenberg, A. Fournier, P. Fischer, & A. Pouquet J. Comp. Phys., 215:59--80 (2006).