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Daniel Nietfeld
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305-3328


Daniel Nietfeld, Chief of the Weather Informatics and Decision Support (WIDS) Division

Daniel is the Chief of the Weather Informatics and Decision Support (WIDS) Division at GSL. His background is rooted in integrating science (physical science and social science) into operational meteorology. Prior to coming to GSL in 2016, Daniel worked for 25 years in the National Weather Service (NWS), including 15 years as a Science and Operations Office (SOO). As a SOO, Daniel trained forecasters and infused cutting-edge research (including research coming out of GSL!) into operational decision support, forecasting, and warning services. Between his tenure as a SOO and coming to GSL, Daniel did two details, first at the NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC) as the Development and Training Branch Chief and then with the NESDIS/GOES-R Program as the Deputy Team Lead for Product Readiness and Operations. His background also includes a number of leadership, policy, and training activities as well as collaborations with academic, private, and international partners. Daniel taught for 13 years as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Creighton University, where he taught classes in Mesoscale Meteorology, Severe Storms Meteorology, Radar Remote Sensing, Satellite Remote Sensing, and NWP. He has a passion for understanding the weather-related information needs of decision-makers, and conducting O2R2O to meet those needs through research, development, and operationalizing relevant policies, tools, systems, and applications.  

  • WIDS Division Chief 
  • Liaison to the National Weather Service

Research Interests
  • Extreme and high-impact weather
  • Predictability
  • Mesoscale meteorology and mesoanalysis 
  • Radar and satellite remote sensing
  • Wildfire environment
  • Data fusion
  • Information system design and development
  • Forecaster-oriented and impact-based verification
  • Social science research related to risk communication and decision-making
  • Communication of forecast uncertainty and confidence information

Professional NOAA Activities
NOAA/OAR/Global Systems Laboratory (GSL) Aug 2021 to present
  • Chief, Evaluation and Decision Support (EDS) Division

NOAA/OAR/Global Systems Laboratory (GSL) Apr 2016 to Aug 2021
  • Liaison to the National Weather Service (NWS) and
  • Deputy Chief, Evaluation and Decision Support (EDS) Division and
  • Chief, Weather Information Systems Evolution (WISE) Branch

NOAA/NESDIS/GOES-R Program Dec 2015 to Apr 2016
  • Deputy Team Lead for Product Readiness and Operations 

NOAA/National Weather Service/Weather Prediction Center Jun 2015 to Oct 2015
  • Branch Chief: Development and Training Branch (DTB) 

NOAA/National Weather Service/WFO Omaha, Nebraska May 2001 to Apr 2016
  • Science and Operations Officer (SOO) 

NOAA/NWS/WFO Hastings, Nebraska Jan 1998 to May 2001
  • Senior Forecaster 

NOAA/NWS/WFO Topeka, Kansas Jun 1994 to Jan 1998
  • General Forecaster 

NOAA/NWS/WSO Grand Island, Nebraska Sep 1992 to Jun 1994
  • Meteorologist Intern    

NOAA/NWS/WSMO Neenah, Wisconsin May 1991 to Sep 1992
  • Meteorologist Intern/Radar Specialist 

Professional University Activities
Creighton University   Aug 2009-May 2015
Department of Atmospheric Science  
Adjunct Faculty Instructor:   
  • Numerical Weather Prediction (ATS 631)
  • Radar Remote Sensing (ATS 544)            
  • Satellite Remote Sensing (ATS 542)
  • Mesoscale Meteorology (ATS 545)

University of Nebraska Lincoln  Jan 2002 to May 2014
Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences   
  • Adjunct Faculty Instructor:   
  • Severe Storms Meteorology (METR 451/851)

Honors and Awards
US DOC Bronze Medal (Co-recipient) 2012
  • For decision support services provided to USACE during the historic Missouri River flooding of 2011
US DOC Bronze Medal (Co-recipient)    2008
  • For warning and forecasts provided during a blizzard in 2007
US DOC Bronze Medal (Co-recipient)    2006
  • For warning and forecasts provided during a blizzard and ice storm in 2005
US DOC Silver Medal (Co-recipient)    2005
  • For warning services provided during the 54-mile track F4 tornado event that devastated the town of Hallam, Nebraska and surrounding area

1990 Bachelor of Science – Meteorology    
The University of Nebraska Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 

Mentoring experience
  • Mentored over 100 High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students since 1999
  • Mentor for NOAA Mentoring Program 2009, 2011, 2016, current session
  • University of Nebraska Lincoln Alumni Mentoring activities 1999-present
  • Mentor for AMS Speed Networking for Students and Early Career Professionals 2014-2017

Scientific Advancement and Education Activities
  • NOAA Central Region Collaboration Team “Meeting of the R2D Minds” Group 2021-present
  • Co-Investigator for USWRP CAM Ensemble Project (with NCAR) 2018-present
  • Co-Lead of the Warn-on-Forecast Bridging Across Events Workshop 2020
  • Co-Investigator for USWRP WRF-Hydro Project (with PSD)     2014-2016
  • AMS Summer Policy Colloquium    2017
  • Developed the AWIPS2 Testbed System (TOAX) at NWS WFO Omaha    2013-2016
  • Developed and coordinated all R2O/O2R TOAX activities 
  • Led all R2O/O2R projects including external participant evaluations
  • Active in GOES-R/JPSS Proving Ground (PG) Projects      2009-2016
  • Invited presenter at PG Conferences (2009 through 2015)
  • Co-PI for HWT NUCAPS Evaluation 2015 HWT EWP
  • Co-PI for 2-year COMET GOES-R Cooperative Project with UNL
  • Co-Investigator for JPSSPG/RR NUCAPS Project
  • Team Member:  Science & Technology Plan of the NWS Roadmap       2011-2012
  • Invited Participant at “Weather-Ready Nation” Meeting – Norman, OK 12/2011
  • Lead Instructor:   COMET/MSC Winter Weather Residence Courses    2011-2014
  • Participant in NSSL HWT Experimental Warning Programs        2009, 2011, 2015
  • NCAR/Societal Impacts Program/Weather and Society Integrated Studies Program:
  • Chair of Advisory Committee and Lead Instructor  2010-2011
  • Member of Advisory Committee and Lead Instructor  2009
  • Workshop Participant  2008
  • NOAA Service Assessment Team Member – Super Tuesday Outbreak   2008-2009
  • NOAA Service Assessment Team Member – Hurricane Charley 2004-2005
  • Organizer/Leader Omaha Integrated Warning Team Workshop 09/2009
  • NWS CR Representative/Presenter, 2006 NCEP Ensemble Workshop     02/2006
  • Given close to one thousand scientific presentations and lectures

Professional Community Service
  • Member, National Weather Association Weather and Forecasting Committee 2019-present
  • AMS and NWA Research to Operations Nexus (RON) Facilitator  2017-2020
  • Chair, AMS Board on Societal Impacts  2015-2018
  • Chair, AMS Board for Operational Govt. Meteorologists 2005
  • Member, AMS Board for Operational Govt. Meteorologists 1999-2006
  • Member, AMS Professional Affairs Committee  2005
  • Team Member AMS Ad-Hoc Committee on Uncertainty in Forecasting  2009-2011
  • Co-Chair, AMS 7th Symposium on Policy and Socio-economic Research 01/2012
  • Co-Chair, AMS IMPACTS 2010 Session, 2011 AMS Annual Mtg. 01/2011
  • Co-Chair, AMS AWIPS Symposium  01/2002
  • President, Omaha-Offutt AMS Chapter 2006-2007
  • Vice President, Omaha-Offutt AMS Chapter  2004-2005
  • Vice President, High Plains AMS/NWA Chapter 2000-2001
  • Committee Chair, 4th Annual High Plans AMS/NWA Conference  2000
  • President, UNL Alumni Advisory Board  2010-2012
  • Member, UNL Alumni Advisory Board 1999-present
  • Participant/Presenter, NWS Severe Weather Technology Workshop  2005, 2007
  • Formal reviewer for 17 peer-reviewed journal articles

Selected Publications:
Stuart, Neil, Gail Hartfield, David M. Schultz, Katie Wilson, Gregory West, Robert Hoffman, Gary Lackmann, Harold Brooks, Paul Roebber, Teresa Bals-Elsholz, Holly Obermeier, Falko Judt, Patrick Market, Daniel Nietfeld, Bruce Telfeyan, Dan DePodwin, Jeffrey Fries, Elliot Abrams, Jerry Shields, 2022: The Evolving Role of Humans in Weather Prediction and Communication. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., in review

Demuth, Julie, Rebecca E. Morss, Isidora Jankov, Trevor I. Alcott, Curtis R. Alexander, Daniel Nietfeld, Tara L. Jensen, David R. Novak, Stanley G. Benjamin, 2020:  Recommendations for developing useful and usable convection-allowing model ensemble guidance for NWS forecasters. Weather and Forecasting

Apke, Jason, Daniel Nietfeld, and Mark Anderson, 2015:  Environmental Analysis of GOES-R Proving Ground Convective Initiation Algorithms.  J. Appl. Meteor

Nietfeld, Daniel:  Station Scientists: Overcoming the Boundaries Between Meteorological and Societal Impacts Research.  NCAR Societal Impacts Program: Weather and Society Watch Newsletter.  Vol. 4 Number 1, 2009

Mayes, Barb, Jay Martinelli, and Daniel Nietfeld:  A detailed analysis of the nocturnal QLCS tornadoes that moved though Omaha, Nebraska on 8 June 2008.  23rd Conference on Weather and Forecasting.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2009 

Nietfeld, Daniel:  The extremely complex airspace over Memphis during the 5 February 2008 tornado outbreak.  Aviation, Range and Aerospace Meteorology Special Symposium on Weather-Air Traffic Management Integration.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2009

Martinelli, Jay, Van DeWald, Daniel Nietfeld, H. Holmes, and R. Caniglia:  The impact of an enhanced damage analysis on determining the damaging wind mechanism within the 20 August 2007 bow echo across eastern Nebraska and southwestern Iowa.  24th Conference on Severe Local Storms.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2008

Nietfeld, Daniel:  Findings of the four-dimensional storm cell investigator alpha test at WFO Omaha-Valley during the 2007 convective season.  24th Conference on Interactive Information and Processing Systems.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2008

Stuart, Neil A., Partick S Market, Bruce Telfeyan, Gary M Lackmann, Kenneth Carey, Harold E Brooks, Daniel Nietfeld, Brian C Motta, Ken Reeves, 2007:  The Future of Humans in an Increasingly Automated Forecast Process.  Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 87, 1497-1502.

Nietfeld, Daniel:  The utility of three-dimensional radar displays in severe weather warning operations.  23rd Conference on Severe Local Storms.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2006

Koch, Steven E., Robert Gall, Geoff DiMego, Ed Szoke, Jeff Waldstreicher, Pete Manousos, Bernard Meisner, N. Seaman, Mark Jackson, Randy Graham, Andy Edman, and Daniel Nietfeld:  Lessons Learned from the DTC Winter Forecast Experiment.  21st Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting/17th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2005

Nietfeld, Daniel:  Operationally useful parameters viewed in three-dimensions during winter storms and severe thunderstorm outbreaks.  21st International Conference on Interactive Information Processing Systems.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2005

Nietfeld, Daniel:  Learning from a null derecho event—the convective forecast for 08 July 2003.  20th Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting/16th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction.  Amer. Meteor. Soc.,  2004 

Page, Elizabeth M., Daniel Nietfeld, and Tim Alberta:  Integrating D3D into National Weather Service science and training activities.  19th International Conference on Interactive Information and Processing Systems.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2003

Nietfeld, Daniel:  The synoptic environment of the 11 April 2001 Central Plains tornado outbreak viewed in three dimensions.  19th International Conference on Interactive Information and Processing Systems.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2003 

Nietfeld, Daniel:  Redirection of Computer Resources to Enhance Severe Weather Operations in the Central Region: The Utilization of the DRT Linux PC as a Fifth AWIPS Workstation.  18th International Conference on Interactive Information and Processing Systems.  Amer. Meteor. Soc., 2002