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GSL Staff Profiles

Keith Searight

Keith is the technical lead for NOAA Science On a Sphere® (SOS) and project manager with the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC).  For SOS, he leads the development team a...

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Ken Fenton

Ken Fenton, Physical Scientist, FAA Program Manager Ken Fenton is a Physical Scientist at NOAA’s Global Systems Laboratory (GSL) and works in the Forecast Impact and Quali...

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Kevin Manross

Kevin grew up in NW PA where he experienced the 31 May 1985 tornado outbreak that affected eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania and that piqued his interest in severe we...

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Kirk L Holub

Kirk Holub IT Specialist I am an aerospace engineer and computer scientist who served for 11 years as a civilian research scientist supporting multiple national defense pr...

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Leon Benjamin

Specializing in observational weather data processing for instruments from the ground up including meteorological and hydrological surface, aircraft, profiler, and other o...

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Liaofan Lin

Liaofan is currently focused on the implementation of ensemble forecast sensitivity to observation impacts in NOAA Global Forecast System and Rapid Refresh Forecast Syste...

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Ligia Bernardet

My work straddles the interface between research and operations in numerical weather prediction. As the deputy chief of the GSL Earth Prediction Advancement Division, I co...

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Linlin Pan

My work is mainly focused on numerical weather model development, verification and support. I participate in enhancing transition of innovations in Numerical Weather Predi...

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Man Zhang

I joined NOAA/GSL, affiliating with CIRES in 2013. Before this appointment, I was a research scientist in ensemble data assimilation group at CSU/CIRA. My research was to a...

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