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GSL Staff Profiles

Jeff Vanbuskirk

Jeff VanBuskirk joined the U.S. Army after graduating high school in 1973 and served as an infantry mortar crewman towards the end of the Vietnam War.  After several years ...

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Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton Jeff developed a love for meteorology at an early age and was fortunate enough to live in different areas of the country with extreme weather growing up. Se...

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Jeffrey Duda

I grew up in Iowa and developed a penchant for weather at a young age watching severe weather roll through during the spring and summer (TWC was one of my most-watched ch...

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Jennifer Mahoney

Jennifer Mahoney is the Director of the NOAA’s Global Research Laboratory (GSL). She leads a staff of nearly 200 meteorologists, software engineers, and support staff dedi...

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Jennifer Raab

CIRA-Boulder Project Specialist

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Jonathan Joyce

Jonathan is a software engineer focused on developing modern, highly scalable systems to better serve the needs of weather scientists, forecasters, and the general public. ...

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Jordan Schnell

Jordan Schnell - Research Associate Research Interests • Chemical transport modeling and air quality forecasting • Weather-chemistry interactions and feedbacks • High-re...

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Joseph B Olson

Joe is the primary developer of the boundary layer and surface layer schemes used in the operational Rapid Refresh (RAP) and High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) forecast...

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Li (Kate) Zhang

My work focuses on the development of complex coupled modeling systems to simulate atmospheric composition, air quality, weather and their interactions. I am one of the p...

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