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GSL Staff Profiles

Georg A Grell

Bio Dr. Georg Grell is the chief of the Earth Prediction Advancement Division (EPAD) at NOAA/ESRL/GSL. Georg received his Ph.D. as a collaborative dissertation (NCAR and ...

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Greg Pratt

Greg Pratt Deputy Advanced Technologies Division, Chief Innovative Weather Delivery Systems Branch. Bio Design and develop prototype weather information delivery systems ...

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Hannah Barnes

Fundamentally, my research focuses on improving our understanding on convection and improving our ability to represent convection in numerical weather models. I am current...

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Hilary Peddicord

Hilary came to CU Boulder to study secondary science education after receiving a BS in Zoology and Dance at the University of Wyoming, taking 8 years to travel, ski bum in ...

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Hongli Wang

My current work focuses on improving skills of weather and air quality prediction through data assimilation and information blending for FV3 and Community Multi-scale Air...

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Ian Mcginnis

Ian develops software for NOAA's Science on a Sphere project and for GSL/AVID’s verification team. He uses C++, Python, OpenCV, Flask, and other technologies to implement f...

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Isidora Jankov

My research is mainly focused on ensemble-based data assimilation, the design of ensemble forecasting systems, and ensemble statistical post-processing. As a part of resea...

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Jason English

I started working in GSL in 2015, where I conducted Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) to evaluate the impacts of targeted dropsondes on winter storm forecasts...

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Jebb Stewart

Jebb Q. Stewart is the lead of the Informatics and Visualization Branch with the NOAA Global System Laboratory in Boulder Colorado.  With a unique background in both Mete...

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