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GSL Staff Profiles

Darrel Kingfield

Darrel Kingfield, Ph.D. has been with NOAA since 2007 where he has worked at the  intersection of National Weather Service (NWS) watch/warning evolution, hazardous weathe...

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Dave Turner

The focus of my research is to better understand various processes that act upon and within the boundary layer (e.g., convective initiation, turbulent redistribution of ...

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Dom Heinzeller

Dom is a scientist and developer in GSL's Earth Prediction Advancement Division (EPAD). His main tasks are the development of the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) an...

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Duane Rosenberg

Research Interests:  • Fluid turbulence • Geophysical fluid dynamics • Phenomenology • CFD • Algorithm development • HPC Education • Ph.D., Physics, University of North ...

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Edward Hartnett

I am the author of NetCDF-4, a freely available software library for scientific data, used by NASA, NOAA, the ESA, and climate and meteorology scientists around the world. ...

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Ed Szoke

I was born in the mid 1950s in Worcester, Massachusetts, an interesting area for a variety of weather, and I knew at a young age that I wanted to become a meteorologist.  A...

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Eric James

I joined GSL (then GSD) within the Assimilation and Verification Innovation Division (AVID; formerly the Assimilation and Modeling Branch AMB) in 2010.  Since that time, ...

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Evan Kalina

Evan's work focuses on improving numerical weather prediction models by transitioning innovations from the research community into operational systems and through his own ...

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Evan Sheehan

I am the web developer for Science On a Sphere. I've been doing web development professionally since 2006, with a couple of breaks for grad school and a few stints as a us...

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