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Research Themes

GSL’s research themes link directly to the NOAA Research Strategic Plan goals listed in detail at the bottom of this page. Goal 2 is to “Detect Changes in the Ocean and Atmosphere, Goal 3 is to “Make forecasts better,” and Goal 4 is to “Drive innovative science.”

GSL Grand Challenge: Provide actionable environmental information through the delivery of a storm-scale Earth-system prediction and decision-support capability to serve society.

Theme: Advance technologies enabling the delivery of information (OAR Strategic Plan Goals 3.2, 4.3)

Evolve GSL computing infrastructure to support advanced Earth-system models (OAR Strategic Plan Goals 3.2)

Invest in cutting-edge foundational technologies (OAR Strategic Plan Goals 3.2, 4.2)

Theme: Advance our scientific excellence enabling numerical Earth-system prediction

Develop a continuous global to storm-scale ensemble data assimilation and ensemble forecasting capability (OAR Strategic Plan Goals 3.1, 3.2)

Create a fully coupled Earth-system modeling prediction capability (OAR Strategic Plan Goals 3.1)

Theme: Research concepts and build tools and systems that advance the delivery of actionable weather forecasts and information to support a well-informed Weather-ready Nation

Theme: Accelerate the transition of technologies to operational capabilities

Investigate new opportunities and processes for delivering technologies to users (OAR Strategic Plan Goals 4.2, 4.3)

OAR Strategic Plan goals that apply to GSL Research Themes:

Goal 2: Detect Changes in the Ocean and Atmosphere - Produce, analyze, and interpret observation records to understand the Earth System and inform the public

Goal 3: Make forecasts better - Improve accuracy, precision and efficiency of forecasts and predictions to save lives and property and support a vibrant economy

Goal 4: Drive innovative science