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Evan Kalina
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305-3328


Evan Kalina

Evan's work focuses on improving numerical weather prediction models by transitioning innovations from the research community into operational systems and through his own applied research on microphysics and the planetary boundary layer. He collaborates with model developers across government labs, academia, and private industry to test and evaluate potential forecast improvements in the Hurricane Weather Research and Forecast (HWRF) system, one of NOAA's operational models for tropical cyclone prediction. He also studies the performance of physics suites in the Unified Forecast System (UFS), focusing on their representation of convective weather. He equally enjoys scientific investigation of applied research questions and software engineering work that focuses on code management and developing workflows for operational modeling systems.

Research Interests

Planetary boundary layers, microphysics, tropical cyclones, operational model performance


  • PhD, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Colorado (2015)
  • MS, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Colorado (2015)
  • BS, Meteorology, Florida State University (2010)


  • 2020–present: Research Scientist II, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
  • 2017–2020: Research Scientist I, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
  • 2015–2017: Research Associate, NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division, Miami, FL
  • 2010–2015: Graduate Research Assistant, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
  • 2010: Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO


Peer-Reviewed Publications – In Preparation
Wadler, J. B., J. J. Cione, J. A. Zhang, E. A. Kalina, and J. Kaplan, 2021: The effects of environmental wind shear direction on tropical cyclone boundary layer thermodynamics and intensity change from multiple observational datasets. Mon. Wea. Rev., in preparation.
Peer-Reviewed Publications – In Review or Revision
Kalina, E. A., M. K. Biswas, J. A. Zhang, and K. M. Newman, 2021: Sensitivity of an idealized tropical cyclone to the configuration of the Global Forecast System–Eddy Diffusivity Mass Flux planetary boundary layer scheme. Atmosphere., in review.
Kalina, E., I. Jankov, T. Alcott, J. Olson, J. Beck, J. Berner, D. Dowell, and C. Alexander, 2021: A progress report on the development of the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Ensemble. Wea. Forecasting, in revision.
Peer-Reviewed Publications – In Press or Published
Zhang, J. A., E. A. Kalina, M. K. Biswas, R. F. Rogers, P. Zhu, and F. D. Marks, 2020: A review and evaluation of planetary boundary layer parameterizations in Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting model using idealized simulations and observations. Atmosphere, 11, 1091.
Wallace, R., K. Friedrich, W. Deierling, E. A. Kalina, and P. Schlatter, 2020: The lightning and dual-polarization radar characteristics of three hail-accumulating thunderstorms. Wea. Forecasting, 35, 1583–1603.
Biswas, M. K., J. A. Zhang, E. Grell, E. Kalina, K. Newman, L. Bernardet, L. Carson, J. Frimel, and G. Grell, 2020: Evaluation of the Grell-Freitas convective scheme in the Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting (HWRF) model. Wea. Forecasting, 35, 1017–1033.
Bao, S., L. Bernardet, G. Thompson, E. Kalina, K. Newman, and M. Biswas, 2020: Impact of the hydrometeor vertical advection method on HWRF’s simulated hurricane structure. Wea. Forecasting, 35, 723–737.
Cione, J. J., G. H. Bryan, R. J. Dobosy, J. A. Zhang, G. de Boer, A. Aksoy, J. B. Wadler, E. A. Kalina, B. A. Dahl, K. Ryan, J. Neuhaus, E. Dumas, F. D. Marks, A. M. Farber, T. Hock, and X. Chen, 2020: Eye of the storm: Observing hurricanes with a small unmanned aircraft system. Bull. Amer. Meteor., 101, E186–E205.