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Home » Focus Areas » Atmospheric Chemistry and Smoke Prediction

Atmospheric Chemistry and Smoke Prediction

GSL Experimental Wildfire Smoke Forecasts

HRRR-Smoke interactive visualization


GSL participates in the global community development of WRF-Chem, a next-generation coupled weather/air quality numerical prediction system based on the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. Gas-phase chemistry and aerosol processes are tightly coupled to meteorology with the WRF model structure. WRF-Chem has a large international user base. (Jordan Schnell)

GEFS Aerosols

GSL was part of the team that developed the Global Ensemble Forecast System - Aerosols (GEFS-Aerosols) model. GEFS-Aerosols is an atmospheric composition model that integrates weather and air quality forecast to produce week-long forecasts of aerosol components including wildfire smoke, soot, organic carbon, particulate sulfate, dust, sea salt, and volcanic ash. This model was implemented into NOAA operations on September 23, 2020 and is the culmination of a successful 5-year collaborative effort between OAR< NWS, and NESDIS to bring together NOAA's atmospheric composition research and transition these innovations into operational forecasts.