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Experimental Products

GSL leads the design, development, testing, and delivery of accurate and reliable weather forecast system solutions to support the economy, industry, and public safety. The links on this page will take you directly to our active experimental products.

EVENT: The Event-based Verification and Evaluation of NWS Gridded Products Tool - Event-based Verification and Evaluation of NWS gridded product Tool uses our foundational principles. These include: forecast quality must be measured relative to how the forecast is used to make decisions, within the same assessment framework so that forecast comparisons are meaningful, and relative to the current operational forecast baselines so that forecast improvements can be measured.

GSL's experimental global FV3 model fields

Experimental High-Resolution Rapid Refresh - 3km regional hourly updating weather model that predicts high-impact weather across the continental U.S. with experimental versions that cover Alaska, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

INSITE: INtegrated Support for Impacted air-Traffic Environments - INtegrated Support for Impacted Air Traffic Environments (INSITE) uses model forecasts to identify the location of dangerous storms, ice, turbulence, and areas of low visibility for the FAA to support aviation decision-makers who manage aircraft traffic.

Rapid Refresh - An experimental hourly weather model that predicts high-impact weather on a 13km grid across North America.

Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled to Chemistry - GSL leads the development of the coupled meteorology-chemistry model WRF-Chem in collaboration with many national and international scientists. The model includes numerous chemistry schemes to simulate gas, aerosol, aqueous and heterogeneous chemistry processes, and chemistry-meteorology interactions.

FV3-Chem - GSL is also developing a coupled global aerosol forecasting model.

Experimental High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Smoke - GSL runs a module of the High-Resolution Rapid Refresh model (based on WRF-Chem) that represents the effects of smoke from wildland fires in air quality and weather.