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NOAA Silver Sherman
Overview: The Silver Sherman Award recognizes NOAA employees who perform work above their normal requirements to help fulfill NOAA’s mission, achieve a milestone that contributes significantly or critically toward a particular program goal, or demonstrate leadership toward process improvement of a significant magnitude. It is awarded on an ad hoc basis by each member of the NOAA Senior Executive Service once a year.
Recipients by year
Simon Lile


Simon Lile for going above and beyond to provide a continuous operating environment for GSL staff during the challenging year of 2020. Working behind the scenes, Simon took on new duties, set up innovative processes to safeguard equipment, solved challenging problems relating to telework, and provided the glue enabling IT and administrative tasks to complete on time.

Judy K Henderson


udy Henderson was honored "For her exceptional dedication to NOAA's mission. Working behind the scenes, Judy provides the technical foundation supporting the development of many of NOAA's numerical weather models. Judy's tenacity in tracking down issues, solving problems, and providing innovative solutions is outstanding. This honor reflects our appreciation for Judy's extraordinary contribution to GSL."



Curtis Alexander, Chief of the Assimilation and Verification Innovation Division was honored "For leadership and exceptional cross Line Office collaboration in development, improvement and operational implementation of NOAA convection-allowing weather models and nowcasting capabilities."



Penny Granville is honored for her commitment and dedication to driving GSD toward administrative excellence. She has demonstrated leadership, foresight, commitment, and teamwork that will pay off for years to come. Each day she demonstrates a can-do-attitude, provides a foundation of knowledge that is often sought after by the other Divisions, is always willing to jump in and help when asked, and is just a pleasure to work with.



Susan Williams is honored for her incredible ability to enhance the spirit de corps of GSD. She forges and continues to encourage, positive relationships throughout the Division and building. On her own initiative, she worked to improve relationships between IT groups. She is eager to make working together not just a productive, but an enjoyable experience.



Jeff VanBuskirk is honored with the NOAA Silver Sherman Award for surpassing his always superb management of GSD facilities. Jeff runs GSD data centers providing maximum reliability and forges relationships across the Lab and Line Office with broad appeal. He effectively manages a diverse $22M property account and works with GSA and NIST to represent NOAA facilities in an outstanding manner.